Dynamo workshop at the New York Structural Biology Center 2016

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To be announced.


Participants are welcome to bring along their own laptops.

Dynamo can be run as standalone (in Linux) or inside the commercial Matlab software (Linux or Mac). For this course, we ask participants to get beforehand a trial license for Matlab. Please, perform the installation of the latest version of Dynamo on your laptop before the course.

Also, we encourage participants to check beforehand if they have access to GPU machines through their home institution.


Introduction: alignment projects

Wednesday 7th of December (afternoon).

  • tutorial on basic elements: help, data and metadata formats.
  • tutorial on the basic concept in Dynamo alignment: the project.

after the coffee break:

  • Basic walkthrough: creating a catalogue, picking particles, launching a project.
  • Further work:
    • tutorial on the use command line operations for general purposes.
    • tutorial on the use of the command line to manage projects.

Data management and modeling

Thursday 8th December (morning).


Thursday 8th December (afternoon).

Additional tools

Friday, 9th of September (morning)

We offer an extra day for those interested in working with their own data, or discussing with the instructors more advanced topics.