Walkthrough basic multireference

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We first create a tutorial data set.

dtutorial ttest -M 8 -N 8 -p pmulti -multi 1 -tight 1 

The flags -M 8 -N 8 mean that we want to create a synthetic data set with 8 particles on one class, and 8 particles from a different class.

Then we can just execute it. It will take some minutes.


And then we take a look onto the results.

ddb pmulti:a:ref=* -m
Result of running a multireference project without swapping

(you can get this plot through the dc GUI). Apparently nothing happened. Why? The reason is that what we just ran was a multireference project without particle swapping, i.ie., the particles where aligned separately and were never allowed to "see" each other. So, we tray again, but now we connect the swapping:

dcp pmulti

We check on the Swap particles radiobutton,

Selecting the swap particles option in mapview

and run the project again: check,unfold and run.

And we check the results:

Mapview shows two different averages.
Zoom. Clicking [C] on a slice centers mapview on it