Materials Basel 2016

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Theory will be presented on synthetic data generated on the fly by Dynamo. Then, the shown theory can be applied on real data sets brought by the participants themselves, or the data sets prepared in the instructor file share under: /Users/gast/mountedData/workshop2016


General Introduction

Wednesday afternoon.

  • tutorial on basic elements: help, data and metadata formats.
  • tutorial on the basic concept in Dynamo alignment: the project.

after the coffee break:

  • Basic walkthrough: creating a catalogue, picking particles, launching a project.
  • Further work:
    • tutorial on the use command line operations for general purposes.
    • tutorial on the use of the command line to manage projects.

Data management and modeling

Thursday morning.


Thursday afternoon session.


Additional tools

Friday morning session.

Data sets

In the directory /Users/gast/mountedData/workshop2016 there are folders with real data sets representing typical situations. There are both tomograms and already extracted data folders.

  • D1 to D4 are tomograms described here.
  • D5-D6 are folders containing different formatted data folders.

An additional data set of 5ht3 particles is available through this Google drive link. This data sets includes several thousands of particles. If you want to work with the whole data set, it is a good idea to download it directly into your CSCS account.


Exercises are scheduled for the last day. Nevertheless, feel free to start them any time during the workshop.