EMBO workshop 2020

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Day 1

Basic principles

Guided presentation:

Working on your own:

  • Basic walkthrough: creating a catalogue, picking particles, launching a project.
  • Further work:
    • tutorial on the use command line operations for general purposes.
    • tutorial on the use of the command line to manage projects.

Template matching

Wednesday afternoon.

Working on your own:

Day 2

Geometric modeling

Working on your own:

Short guided presentation:

Day 3

Fiducial based alignment and reconstruction

These new features in Dynamo are at the testing stage.

GUI based alignment of tilt series

Walkthrough on GUI based tilt series alignment

Command line based alignment of tilt series

Walkthrough on command line based tilt series alignment

Manual clicking on gold beads

Walkthrough on manual marker clicking

Creation of 3D scenes

Working on your own:

Further support material.

  • Walkthrough on depiction and manipulation of triangulations (synthetic data).

Submitting jobs For GPU computing