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Starting Guide

This [youtube link] shows an introduction to setting up alignment projects in Dynamo. It works on the old dynamo_project_manager GUI.

Particle picking



Isolated particles

In this video we use dtmview to show how the concurrent viewers can be used to pick isolated particles. The tomogram represents a mixture of PRD1 bacteriophages in a buffer.

Tomogram is courtesy of the Abrescia Lab, in CIC-Biogune (Bilbao).

Arbitrary membranes

In this video we use dtmslice and the montage viewer to define points in a membrane in a semiautomatic manner. Tomogram is courtesy of Morgan Beeby, in Imperial College (London).


In this video, dtmslice is used to pick microtubules in a tomogram. We use dpreview to inspect the tomogram and select an area that is then read into memory. This region is then displayed in dtmslice. With keys [1] and [2] we can define extremal points of a filament, ask Dynamo to define local views that are orthogonal to the path between points [1] and [2]. In these local views the user can click on the center of each section of the filament, defining a coarse approximation to the path. The tomogram is courtesy of Takashi Ishikawa, in PSI-Villingen (Switzerland).