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Dynamo package

Matlab and Linux Standalone

Please follow this google drive link to download Dynamo. You can safely ignore any complaint of your browser about not being able to preview the file.

This package is around 3.7Gb as it includes the standalone Matlab MCR libraries of Matlab R2017a. The tar file can be installed both as standalone or inside the Matlab environment.

Standalone for MAC

If you plan to use Dynamo in the Mac without a Matlab license use this google drive link. This link is updated less frequently than the link for the latest Linux version. If you want the latest version of Dynamo as standalone for the Mac, drop us an email.

Alternate standalone versions

Note on the standalone use of Dynamo: We deliver in this google drive link the standalone compiled against the MCR library of Matlab R2015a (also included in the .tar file). Version R2015a ensures full compatibility with all Linux distributions. Libraries R2015b onwards deliver higher performance on rendering of graphic objects.

Example data sets

Examples of training data sets will be updated here