Activation of Chimera UCSF

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Several tools in Dynamo include a link to send maps into Chimera UCSF. In order for these tools to be functional, Dynamo needs to know the location of Chimera.

In the Matlab version

For this, you need to write

 dynamo_chimera -path myChimeraPath  

inside your Matlab session. Here myChimeraPath should be the absolute path to your Chimera executable. If Dynamo finds the executable at that location, a synthetic thermosome image will open.

In the standalone version

If you are using the standalone version, you canset the path to Chimera before initiating the Dynamo session in your Linux shell, for instance:

 export PATH=$PATH:myChimeraPath 

Alternatively, you can add the path to Chimera in a running session with the notation