Vesicle models

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Vesicle models are appropriate when particles are evenly distributed on surfaces reasonably similar to spheres or ellipsoids. The model can estimate the center and radius provided points provided by the user in the visible part of the object, or the other way round, letting the user provided center and radius.

Command line

Here come some examples of creation and manipulation of vesicle models from the command line

Given user points

Feature to be implemented or not released. Contact us if you want to test it

Given center and radius

a = dmodels.vesicle(); % creates an empty vesicle model
a.radius = 70; = [40,100,200];
a.separation = 15;
a.updateCrop();  % here it will some time computing the particles.
t=a.grepTable(); % extracts the table
dtplot(t,'profile','oriented_positions'); % scatter plot of images
axis equal; % for a better visualization, same scale an x,y,z