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==Command line operations==
==Command line operations==
{{pdftutorial|commandline |link}}
{{pdftutorial|command_line_projects |link}}
* For general manipulation of tables and volumes {{pdftutorial|commandline|link}}
* in alignment projects {{pdftutorial|command_line_projects |link}}
Command line operations for general manipulation of tables, for alignment projects or for classification projects.
* in classification projects {{pdftutorial|commandline_classification|link}}

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Catalogues and particle picking

  • General catalogue link.
  • Introduction to particle picking link.
  • Specific tools for filaments
  • Specific tools for freely shaped membranes
  • Model combinations link


  • Introduction to PCA link


By subboxing we refer to the extraction and realignment of subunits out of aligned subtmograms.

Command line operations

  • For general manipulation of tables and volumes link
  • in alignment projects .pdf link
  • in classification projects link