Montage viewer for membrane picking

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Here an example of use of the montage viewer for membrane models through the tomogram browser dtmslice is presented.

dtmslice view of a tomogram with several liposomes

The Montage viewer can be opened from the menu options in dtmslice

Opening the Montage viewer for the full scene
Montage view of the full dtmslice scene

The model pool currently accessed by dtmslice is also available through the Montage Viewer.

Creation of a membrane model (called Surface in this menu)

With can inspect the scene and locate areas of interest.

We select one liposome for track across levels
Zoom in a region of interest.
The clicking status must be active in order to proceed with the clicking

After activating the clicker, you can (main) click on a level of the montage.

Membrane points clicked on the selected z level

The points created by clicking in the Montage Viewer will appear in dtmslice, and the other way round, as both viewers are connected to the same model pool

The scene in dtmslice updates as we make annotations in the Montage Viewer
[Shift+C] creates a center point inside the membrane level

After visiting all the the zlevels where the membrane is defined, we can use the option for zooming out the view:

Icon in the toolbar for full zoom out
Full view

In this view, we can localte a new area of interest, create a new model and zoom again into the area of interest