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The montage viewer is a GUI that shows simultaneously several z-slices of a volume or volume region..The most usual application of the montage viewer is for the annotation of membrane models, as explained in this walkthrough

Montage view GUI

The montage viewer works as a sliding window on a number of z-levels. When the montage viewer is invoked, the user selects the separation of the z-levels

dtmslice Basic controls in the montage viewer GUI
dtmslice Toolbar controls in the montage viewer GUI

Invoking the montage viewer

From dtmslice

A montage can be opened through the [Montage] option in the menu (for the full scene), or creating a box ([v]), reshaping it and then secondary clicking on it.

From the Catalogue GUI

Secondary click on tomogram names in the dcm GUI will allow to open montages directly on them without previous access to dtmslice

From the command line

This functionality is not yet released.