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Starters guide

If you want a plunge-freeze immersion in Dynamo from scratch, you can start by following the starters guide. This is a short hands-on complete walkthrough through the main functionalities in Dynamo: viewing and organizing tomograms, extracting particles, aligning, averaging and classifying subtomograms, and avoiding overfitting.


There are several tutorials defined for specific tasks. Some of of them address basic aspects:

  • This tutorial walks you through the creation of an alignment project with synthetic subtomograms (skipping the particle creation part).
  • This tutorial shows you some basic formats (as tables and data) and teaches you basic manipulations.

Video Tutorials

We intend to keep a regularly updated set of video tutorials covering basic aspects of Dynamo.

Getting help

Dynamo offers several ways of getting help on specific subjects.... and of course, you can always contact us