Getting a Structure from Multiple Tomograms of HIV Capsids

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The aim of this exercise is to get familiar with managing multiple tomograms through the Dynamo catalogue and to develop good strategies for alignment projects to reach a reasonable structure from a set of tomograms. This is an exercise and not a tutorial or walkthrough. Therefore only a few hints on how to proceed are given. The idea is that you come up with your own solutions by applying the knowledge that you acquired during the workshop to a more realistic case. It is recommended to get familiar with at the advanced starters guide and the lattice walkthrough before starting this exercise.


We prepared a set of 6 tomograms, each containing one VLP. (empiar id, paper)


Reach a resolution at around 10 angstrom, i.e., alpha helices should start to be visible in the final average. Hexamer.


Based on lattice walkthrough. Parameters. Use GPU on sciCORE.