Example of post processing plugin with template update

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Here we show a piece of code that illustrates how to create a simple post processing plugin. In this case, we show an example that operates a minimum of functionality of a plugin: operating on the average produced by one iteration, allowing Dynamo to use a transform of the average as template for the next iteration. This particular example implements a transform consisting in applying a C2 transfom along all x,y,z axis of the template.

The plugin is callable through Matlab execution of the project.

Plugin code

A plugin function is a script called dynamo_plugin_post_<Some identification>. For this example you can just choose any folder in your file system, say <some folder> and edit there a script file called <some folder>/dynamo_plugin_post_<Some identification>.m

Activating the plugin inside a project

After writing the script, you need to make your project aware of the fact that during runtime a project will be invoked:

dvput ptest plugin_post_r1 1

Then, you need to pass the syntax of the plugin script. We don't pass the dynamo_plugin_post part.

dvput ptest plugin_post_order_r1 'example();'

Running a project that calls a plugin