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Dynamo will be used for the subtomogram averaging part of the EMBO course on Image Processing for CryoEM data.


Data sets

In the directory XXX there are folders with real data sets. Data sets:

  • Tomogram 1 is called crop.rec. The data is a fraction of a tomogram. The full tomogram was used in "Cryo-electron tomography reveals novel features of a viral RNA replication compartment." (Ertel et al.), and represents several FHV viruses docked in the outer membrane of a mitochondrion. Data can be downloaded here
  • Tomogram 2 is called t20s.mrc. The tomogram visualises purified T20S proteasome in solution. Data can be downloaded here


Tuesday September 4th

General Introduction

Guided presentation:

after the coffee break

Working on your own
  • Basic walkthrough: creating a catalogue, picking particles, launching a project.

Wednesday September 5th


Guided presentation:

after the coffee break

Working on your own

Thursday September 6th:


Guided presentation
  • Overview discussion with XXX computing modi, with focus on GPUs (EMBO GPUs link).
  • Walkthrough for lattices on vesicles extraction of particles from densely packed spherical geometry.
  • Overview discussion of VLP project.
Working own your own:
  • Walkthrough for VLP project getting a structure from multiple tomograms of HIV capsids.


  • Dustin Morado, MRC-LMB, Cambridge, UK.
  • Paula Navarro, C-CINA, University of Basel, Switzerland.
  • Giulia Zanetti, Birkbeck College, London, UK.