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Dynamo package

Matlab and Linux Standalone

Please follow this google drive link to download Dynamo. You can safely ignore any complaint of your browser about not being able to preview the file.

This package is around 8Gb as it includes the standalone Matlab MCR libraries of Matlab R2017a. The tar file can be installed both as standalone or inside the Matlab environment.

Standalone for MAC

If you plan to use Dynamo in the Mac without a Matlab license use this google drive link. This link is updated less frequently than the link for the latest Linux version. If you want the latest version of Dynamo as standalone for the Mac, drop us an email.

Standalone for Windows

A standalone/matlab version for Windows 7 can be downloaded in this google drive link. This link is updated less frequently than the link for the latest Linux or Mac versions. The Windows version is unsupported and distributed "as is". If you find installation problems, we advice you to use a different platform.

Example data sets

Examples of training data sets will be updated here

Direct link

You can download the link from the command line (no need to access google drive via browser) in Linux with this command:

wget --load-cookies /tmp/cookies.txt "$(wget --quiet --save-cookies /tmp/cookies.txt --keep-session-cookies --no-check-certificate '$DYNAMO_LINK' -O- | sed -rn 's/.*confirm=([0-9A-Za-z_]+).*/\1\n/p')&id=$DYNAMO_ID" -O dynamo-v-1.1.509_MCR-9.6.0_GLNXA64_withMCR.tar && rm -rf /tmp/cookies.txt

note that you will need to replace 1BpZ9pv3Zq5_jSOrIqotoqijOKpWMUQ4a with the actual value in the google link, likewise for the name of the tarball (thanks for Samuel Fux at ETH Zürich for this tip).

Version features


  • Debugging of problems with standalone.
  • Phase randomization tools.


  • Debugging of PCA system.
    • PCA works now on GPU, and includes a new graphics system.
  • New version of </t>dmapview


  • Debugging of problems in the mesh system.


  • tilt series alignment: improved reload of workflows, allows selection of reconstruction height
  • PCA: new internal algorithm. Reworked workflow for command line


Corrects a bug introduced into 1.1.454 concerning the multicore execution.


Includes the Particle List File object (to access particles that are not organized as classical data folders)


Tilt series alignment.