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The GUI dcp (for Dynamo Current Project) is the main tool for interactive design of projects.

Using it assumes that a data folder is already available. Other required elements (as template, table, masks) can be previously available and linked to a project, or simply be created during the design of the project using tools indicated by the GUI.

Invoke it with: <cone> >> dcp </code> in Matlab, or correspondingly with Dynamo >> dcp if you are using the standalone version of Dynamo

Using the dcp GUI

The GUI follows the pipeline for designing an Alignment project. To create a new project, just write the name in the Project field.

Enter files

The GUI requires entering the different elements in a required order. If one of the elements is not correctly formatted or not coherent with previously defined option, dcp will not allow you entering elements





Remember that the command line offers a number of tools to generate files that can be used as masks: dmask,dmask_combine. Also dmapview (with the hotkeys s, shift+s ) allows the creation of files that can be used as masks. Very fine design of mask by hand drawing is available through dpkvol.montage (activating the menu Mask)

===== Alignment mask =====

The mask editor option will give bring you to a GUI that allows creating masks from a library of geometrical objects.

===== Classification mask =====
Fourier mask on Template

This is a rather advanced feature. In most cases you should just use the default option (i.e. allowing Dynamo to use the fill with ones option).

Smoothing mask

The mask used during resolution computations.

Entering numerical parameters

Entering execution parameters

Executing the project

Visualizing the results

Auxiliary tasks

Invoking the dcp GUI from the command line

Open on existing project

>>dcp myProject

You can use dprojects to check the projects currently available on the current folder.

Create a new project

>>dcp.new('myProject'); This will create in disk the project folder myProject While creating a project from scratch you can directly pass some elements as tables, masks, etc

Copy a project


Other command line orders for project manipulation

Older commands for project manipulation are still available in Dynamo dvcopy to copy a project dvput to insert parameters inside a project without using any GUI. dvcheck, dvunfold