Matlab Crash Course 2019

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This course consists of two parts: 1. MATLAB Onramp: Interactive course for beginners 2. MATLAB Tutorial: Independent project for advanced users

  • You can change between the two at any time.
  • For both, you need a free MathWorks account. Register with your university email if possible.

Instructions: 1. MATLAB Onramp a. Go to the Mathworks webpage and click on “Launch MATLAB Onramp”. b. Proceed through the course. You can pause and resume anytime. 2. MATLAB Tutorial a. Go to [1] and click on “Access MATLAB Online”. b. Click on [2]. This will generate a folder “DynamoWorkshop” in your MATLAB Drive. Navigate to this folder in the MATLAB Online session. c. If you have a local MATLAB installation, you can also download this folder and work directly on your computer. d. Download and open the file “tutorial_Matlab.docx”. Start with section 3. e. Open the file “tutorialMATLAB.m” and fill in your code.

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