creates a selective tarball out of a the project
  the tarball excludes the eventually heavy temporal files 
     name_project:        name of the project.
                          (or a tarball with the same name)
   Parameter / Value
    'results'             logical, 0/1
                          Includes the "results" folder of the project
                          - default: true (Results ARE included)
    'data'                logical, 0/1
                          Includes the "results" folder of the project.
                          The data will be shipped into a folder called
                          - default: false Data will not be included.
    'add'                 char or cell array of chars/
                          adds one or several files / folders into the tarball
                          - default: [] 
    'list'                list the contents of the tarball
                          - default: []
     1) this utility is specially useful when working with remote machines
        which do the heavy computing but have slow visualization resources.
     2) In general, you should not use the system "tar" command for this task, as 
        it will not take into account:
        *)  linked files
        *)  absolute paths
     1) Only in linux/mac platforms
     2) Use dynamo_vpr_untar to untar the project. Do NOT use system's tar
   % tars settings and results
   dvtar my_project
   % tars only settings and omits results (to save space)
   dvtar my_project -results off
   % tars only settings and data
   dvtar my_project -results off -data on
   % adds a file into a tar
   dvtar my_project -add my_file
   % adds a file (or set of files) expressed as a database query
   dvtar my_project -add my_project:average:ite=*;
   % sees the contents of the .tar file:
   dvtar my_project -list on;